Water runoff war in Myakka City

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Myakka--- Residents worry the heavy rains from topical storm Andrea could make the environmental concerns they are dealing with even worse.

"It's a toxic mixture, its as soup of everything under the sun, its crap if you will," said Molly Bowden.

The actual term for what Bowen is referring to is bio solid. It's the processed waste from a water treatment facility.  And, could include everything that goes down the drain and the toilet.

"I've seen the tanker trucks on both sides of the road out in the fields and they spray it out or it comes out of a big tube," said Bowen.

Bowen is convinced the recent heavy rains could cause substance being sprayed on the grass at the 21 sites along MJ Road in Myakka to get into the water system.

"When it rains it runs down hill, this is a hill," added Bowen.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection confirmed that bio solids are being sprayed on the almost 900 acres of land. The D.E.P. issued a permit to Appalachian Material Service Inc. allowing them to apply the substance on the land. Manatee County also approved the application. But both deny any possibility of contamination.

"We have done inspections of the land spreading sight on MJ Road both Manatee County and the Department of Environmental protection and we feel everything is in order and that there are no violations out there at this time," said Rod Brown from Manatee County Environmental Division. 

But pictures and video Bowen took of the river behind the property shows a different story. They show a thick layer of white foam and slim on the river.

"They're claiming it doesn't run off into the river but I've seen it. I've seen it before and I can not with a clear conscience allow my children or my grand children to ever put there toes in the water," said Bowen.

There is also foul odor and an excessive amount of flies in the area but county officials blamed that on the agriculture nature of the area and not what's being spayed on the land.