Cracker Barrel says 73 year old Joe Koblenzer violated the Company’s policies regarding consuming food without paying or giving it away on five separate occasions. Koblenzer says he offered to pay and was just helping someone in need. What do you think?

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He was just trying to do a good deed. They probably throw out dozens of muffins a day. Rule or no Rule he did the right thing. "Do unto others"


Today was my last visit to CRACKER BARREL




As a long term employee of Cracker Barrel I can understand why they may have fired employee for giving away muffins. It may have been not so much the one incident but a pattern of behavior of giving away food. The employees motives may have been to help a needy person, but i that be the case then buy them something, don't take company property and give it away. If the person would have okayed it with a manager then perhaps the manager would have said okay, but the employee should not have taken it upon themselves to make Cracker Barrel a charity on multiple occasions. Cracker Barrel is a business, not a charity.


The employee should not have tried to make Cracker Barrel a charity, it is a business. Though well intentioned, it is wrong to take what does not belong to you and use it any way you please, Cracker Barrel muffins belong to Cracker Barrel. If the employee would have got permission from a manager to give the food away the manager may have allowed dependent upon his discretion, but when an employee takes it upon themselves to give away food regardless of their motives they are in violation of company policy. The employee was probably fired because of a pattern of behavior of giving away food. If the employee was that concerned about feeding a needy person they should have bought the person some food themselves instead of taking from Cracker Barrel.

Old jalopy

Every time I used to go to Cracker Barrel they discarded many of those corn biscuits. I see where there coming from, they don't want undesirable people there. They didn't want me there when I was working as a trucker, but loved me on Sunday after religious meetings in my shirt and tie.


Boycott CB until Joe gets his job back. Each one of us has a duty not only to help each other but to be REASONABLE to each other too. CB is a $2.6 Billion company who just fired a 73 y/o man for giving away $10 of food. The food service industry throws away millions of dollars of food daily and the fact that hungry and homeless people can't be fed with it is the real crime here. Charles Dickens died almost 150 years ago and the lessons of his times are being heaved over the side of our society to protect corporate profits. Golly, what would happen if everybody did what Joe did? We'd have much fewer hungry people around, maybe even less homeless too.

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