Wallenda manages to begin training, despite stormy weather

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SARASOTA, Fla. - The stormy weather cut short the first practice session for Nik Wallenda in Sarasota on Thursday.

The King of the Wire got up and briefly began his training session Thursday morning, at least until the stormy weather moved in. Nik was checking in with the ABC 7 weather center to determine if it was safe to practice. He managed to get out again for an afternoon practice session once the heavy storms moved through.

He will continue to train for his nationally-televised walk over the Grand Canyon at Nathan Benderson Park, located on North Cattlemen Road south of University Parkway, until June 19th. You are welcome and encouraged to come out and watch him in the coming days.

And just a reminder that ABC 7 will be closely following Nik's journey. We'll have the latest on the preparations leading up to his Grand Canyon walk on June 23rd.