Wage dispute hits big box retailer

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SARASOTA FL--- A wage dispute between Walmart and Southeast D.C has sparked controversial debate through out the county.

D.C. city officials approved a law that would require Walmart to pay employees what they call a living wage or $12.50 an hour.  That number about $4.50 more than the city's $8.25 minimum wage.  The situation is familiar for the city of Sarasota.  In 2012 voters passed a referendum that required any company receiving state or federal subsidizes that exceed $100,000 a year to pay employees more than minimum wage.

At that time Walmart was looking to build a store on city owned property close to the intersection of 301 and MLK.  Walmart disagreed with the measure and opted to not continue with the move. Coming up at 6 we look at the impact of the decision.