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Voting machines put to the test in Sarasota and Manatee Counties

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BRADENTON, Fla. - It was a very busy day for the Supervisor of Elections in Manatee County, and the same held true for Sarasota County. Voting machines and tabulating equipment were put to the test for accuracy.

"By statute, we test each and every piece of equipment," said Kathy Dent, supervisor of elections for Sarasota County.

The results are in and the machines in both counties passed with flying colors, meaning they're now ready for the actual results of the election in three weeks.

"At the beginning of every election, we want to verify that every piece of equipment that we have is truly counting the ballots the way that they are cast," said Michael Bennett, supervisor of elections for Manatee County," and then after each of those are counted that they are tabulated correctly."

Folks that we talked with around the Suncoast are happy to hear about the steps being taking to make sure the voting process runs smoothly.

"We need to secure our system," said Cyndi Myers, a Bradenton resident. "It's important to make sure every vote counts."

And for Myers' 20-year-old daughter Macaire, she has extra reason to be thrilled, it's her first time voting.

"I'm excited, I'm happy to be voting this year," she said. "I think it's really important to be voting especially in this year's election."

Whether it's a first time voter like Macaire or a long-time voter, Michael Bennett tells us he and his team take great pride in making sure every vote counts.

"On Trump's comments -- is the election rigged? It is absolutely rigged; we rig it to make sure the results are done correctly," Bennett said.