Voters fed up with fiscal cliff fight

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SARASOTA - Who knows what changes 2013 will bring.  But if the current fiscal cliff debate is any indication, one thing that's here to stay: partisan politics.

"It's just so dysfunctional right now that if I had my druthers and had the ability, I'd vote them all out and start over again," said Mike Greenspan.

"This is a sad situation, I don't understand why all of our electorate cannot get themselves together and work this out," said John Russo, another frustrated taxpayer.

Like the debt ceiling debate earlier this year, a decision on the fiscal cliff, if reached at all, will end up happening at the last minute.

And that doesn't sit well will some taxpayers.

"I think it's an excuse for the morons in Washington to do nothing and screw us again," said Georgia Rodrick.

"It's always frustrating, the two parties need to get together and work together and move forward rather than keeping us all on that edge," said Debra Smith.

If no deal is reached, taxes will increase for almost every American. Experts worry that could fuel a second recession, devastating whatever progress the recovering economy has made.

As to whether or not we'll see a deal before midnight, most seem to think that something will get accomplished, but just what that will be is anyone's guess.

"I think they'll take a deal that's mediocre just to satisfy the public," said Michael Valente, another frustrated citizen.

"I think that they're going to come to a deal today," said Smith, "with our president I think he'll be able to move forward and take care of business."