Volunteers asked participate in Cancer Prevention Study

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SUNCOAST - The American Cancer Society is calling for volunteers here on the Suncoast to participate in Cancer Prevention Study #3.

The payoff they say is you may play a leading role in finding the cause and cure of cancer.

Cancer Prevention Study #3 will follow 300,000 people nationally for the next 20 years. It's tracking who gets cancer and who doesn't. 10,000 of those participants will be from Florida and 400 of those will be from the Suncoast.

The qualifications are:

"Be between the ages of 30 and 65. We have dates to sign up. You can sign up online and make an appointment when you show up. You fill .... A waist measurement and a blood sample," says Carole Buglin, CPS Co-Coordinator

Then, every 2 or 3 years for the next 20 years they'll mail you an update to fill out. "A certain number of these people in enrolled will develop cancer, and it helps them to find out what do you have in common with the person in Indiana, with that person in con. With that person in Texas who all develop cancer,"

She also says uncovering those common factors can lead to discovering a prevention for cancer.

Yolanda Green is eager to participate. "I get to be a part of an innovative study where I can talk about info on my lifestyle, my health history, give a little bit of blood, have a waste measurement, have them follow me for the course of my life, and this is going to give them information on how to control cancer prevent cancer treat cancer."

The Venice Regional Medical Center is also partnering in the study and organizers say if you'll sign up to participate you can have a direct hand in wiping out cancer.

"Our goal is one day not to hear the words ‘I have cancer’ and a study such as this with the magnitude and the amount of folks involved is going to allow that at to happen one day,” says Dave Strickland of the Manatee Co. American Cancer Society.

The sign up dates here on the Suncoast are Feb. 26, 27 and 28th and March 2. There are 4 different locations. To learn more about the study and find out how you can be a part of it, click here.