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Virgin Mary sighted in church window on Longboat Key?

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SARASOTA, Fla. – There’s been another possible holy image sighting on the Suncoast; this one spotted in the window of a church.

A Longboat Key man says he's seen the image several times when riding his bike past the church, around sunset, and thinks it could be a religious figure.

Wayne Natt posted a photo of the window to the ABC 7 Facebook page Thursday evening, shortly after riding his bike past Christ Church Presbyterian in Longboat Key. Natt says he's noticed the outline of a figure several times before when riding by, but Thursday it was a much clearer image.

"When I ride my bike, I've kind of noticed it, but it wasn't really pronounced,” Natt says. “But last night it was really pronounced and it does look like a face."

He says it looked to be the figure of a man or possibly the Virgin Mary, but when we went to the church Friday morning the image was gone. One churchgoer we spoke to said he's never seen the figure before, but during sunset light reflects off the stained glass window and could be causing the image.

"The sunsets are beautiful and they vary from night to night,” said Bert Borgelt. “So it could be that they just caught it right."

Sightings of religious figures aren't exactly a rare occurrence on the Suncoast. Just last year two locals reported seeing images: the first a Bradenton man who said he discovered an image of Jesus on a section of a Corona beer case, the other a man who showed us the image of the Virgin Mary that he says appeared on his home-made tie-dyed T-shirt.

But when it comes to this particular sighting, residents in the neighborhood don't quite see it.

"I just don't see,” said one area resident who declined to provide his name. “I think it's just a reflection and I think it's just another coincidence."

While those we spoke with say the image looks like a mere reflection of light, this Virgin Mary sighting still remains something of a mystery, especially for the faithful.