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Village of Holiday Lake community pushing for change to intersection that killed 3 elderly people

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PORT CHARLOTTE, FL (WWSB) -  A car crash Tuesday has claimed the lives of three elderly people, at an intersection many say is very dangerous.

"We are all extremely sorrowed by the devastation of this accident," said Jim Frey, President of the Village of Holiday Lake community.

For Frey and others in their tight-knit community in Port Charlotte, the tragic car accident at the intersection at the entrance of their development has shocked and saddened their entire 551-home community.  The crash killed 73-year-old Rebecca Hlavsa, 80-year-old Alban Blanco and 82-year-old Raymond LaPointe.

"This has just been horrendous as far as we're concerned," said Richard Harder, Vice President of the Village of Holiday Lake community.  "The members were so entwined in our village daily routines with the committees that they served on."

All three victims were very active in the Village of Holiday Lake community.  FHP says the victims were crossing over Gasparilla Road on Marathon Boulevard towards their development when they t-boned a car driving by the intersection.  The driver of the other vehicle was not hurt in the crash. People who live here say this intersection has blind spots making it very challenging.

"They just widened it last April," said Frey.  "They completed it, went to four lanes and this is our only exit and entrance to the community along with the fire department and it is a very dangerous intersection."

This fatal wreck has residents pushing Charlotte County to have traffic lights installed at the intersection and to take other action to make it safer.

"The traffic here has increased so much with all the new construction," said Harder.

In a statement that we had received from Charlotte County, in part they say "County staff always monitors roadway data to determine if and when a signal would be appropriate at this or any intersection.  We are currently reviewing the incident and the traffic data to prepare a report to county officials."

At this time, we have not received word as to when any of the services will take place for  the three victims.