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Video: Leatherback sea turtle ingests huge jellyfish

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CAPE COD, Mass. (WWSB) -- Turtle nesting season on the Gulf Coast starts in April, so beachgoers need to start prepping for more turtles to be approaching local beaches. 

According to the FWC, sea turtles we see in Florida include loggerheads, leatherbacks, green turtles, kemp's ridley, and hawksbill. 

Sea turtles travel far, like this featured leatherback turtle, which can travel 10,000 miles or more each year in search of jellyfish.

As part of research being conducted at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Instution, they placed a camera on a leatherback from Cape Cod in September 2016. 

Over time, the turtle ingested 123 jellies, took 133 breaths and beat it's flippers 1,405 times in just two minutes, according to the TurtleCam.