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Video: Fire crew hand-feeds water bottles to dehydrated Key deer

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MONROE CO., FL (WWSB) – A dehydrated Key deer was found inside a home by a fire crew on Monday morning.

A Delray Beach Fire Department crew was surveying some damaged residential structures and discovered the weak deer.

"I don't know who was more startled the deer or me," said Lieutenant Nicholas Johnson, who is part of the Strike team but works for Broward Sheriff's Office Fire Rescue. "I am just glad to not only help the residents, but the wildlife as well." 

The deer was hand-fed four bottles of water and then ran off.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire Rescue wants the public to know that this is an extraordinary circumstance involving a distressed deer and a trained first responder.  

Residents of the Florida Keys should contact Florida Fish and Wildlife if they come across a deer in distress.