Vern Buchanan talks to local small business owners

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SUNCOAST - Congressman Vern Buchanan was here on the Suncoast Wednesday looking for feedback from small business owners.

He says a common complaint he hears from them, is the tax code is too big and too costly for their businesses.

Buchanan points to recent meetings at Port Manatee about trade and job creation as a sign Washington can get something done.

“It's amazing when we work together at that level, Democrats and Republicans. It was half and half in the room that day. We get a lot of bi-partisan work done and I hope we can take that attitude to Washington that we've created in Florida in terms of that mindset, because we can't get tax reform done unless we work together.”

Buchanan also toured Sarasota Memorial Hospital's new Courtyard Tower, noting the local health care industry is also a vital part of the Suncoast's economy.