Venice named to Forbes list of best retirement cities

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VENICE, Fla. - The secret may be out. According to an upcoming edition of Forbes Magazine, Venice is one of the top ten cities in the country to retire. The reasons include location, cost of living, and low crime rates.

Paul and Phyllis Ebeling could spend their winter months anywhere. They choose sunny Venice. "The combination of the location on the Gulf and the people."

Charlotte Rivard spends six months here and six months in Massachusetts. "Love the beaches, love the jetties, love the small town. Venice is just beautiful."

The respected Forbes Magazine has chosen Venice as one the Top 25 Places To Retire in 2014.

Those like retiree Lee Moore are not surprised. "You can see how it is growing. We are in a gated community and they are just building and building."

"I think we are getting the recognition we deserve. I think Venice is a great place to live."

City leaders like Council Member Emilio Carlesimo believe it's right. The magazine used a formula based on location, cost of living, taxes, weather, air quality, climate, medical services, crime rates, walkability, biking, and volunteerism -- all things Carlesimo says they try to keep in mind while juggling the city's wants, needs, and growth issues. "The citizens here have demonstrated in their voting for council members that they want a small town atmosphere. That is our mandate to keep it small town."

A median home price a little less than $200,000 is also helping. With more and more people coming though, it could jeopardize what people like. More people equals impacts on the environment, more congestion on roadways, more crime, and the loss of that small town feel.

Carlesimo says it's a balancing act in a community which relies heavily on visitors and new residents. "We just have to be careful to not go overboard. To make sure everything we do is measured."

Perhaps it's reassurance for those who have already picked the area, and good news to bring in more...just not too much.

The Top 25 is expected to be a part of the magazine in June according to that site.

The article did list that a big con for the city was walkability. Like much of Florida, places are spread out, forcing residents to rely on a vehicle.

The only other Florida cities on the Forbes list are Cape Coral and Port St. Lucie.