Vencie makes top list for those looking to retire

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VENICE, FL- A national publication called RealtyTrac listing its top 15 places in the country to retire while investing in property. Seven of them are here in the Sunshine State and two are right here on the Suncoast, Punta Gorda and Venice.

Carol Ann Gover and her husband Samuel could have retired anywhere. They chose Venice. "We decided this was full time living. We just didn't want to go back home."

Relative Russell Gover says it's just something about the area. "The tranquility and the physical beauty of this town is what is important."

He knows they're not alone in that thinking. "People are coming in and wanting to buy."

RealtyTrac listing Venice as number 10 on it's top 15 places across the entire United States for retirement hotspots for investing. "I think it confirms my notion and most of those who live here that this is one of best places to live." It's partially based on the percentage of residents above retirement age and home prices. Dan Heschmeyer with Gulf Coast Reality Team has been selling real estate in Venice for nearly 25 years. "This year is even stronger then last year which is kind of amazing. The inventory is so tight. Lots of properties are selling within a week. The appreciation has gone up as that report indicated."

The report specifically highlights Venice's more than 50% population of retires to go along with 14 miles of beaches. An average temperature of 73 degrees. A median home price of less than $150,000 in may. A low cost of living. Rental capitalization rates and of course home appreciation. "Depending on what area in Venice or in south county anywhere from 10% to 20% in the past 12 to 15 months."

The report has been published around the country including the Wall Street Journal Market Watch and the Huffington Post, bringing some notoriety. Venice City Mayor John Holic says it doesn't hurt. "It helps put us on the map but people tend to find us anyway. We don't do a whole lot of advertising. We don't ask these places to list us."

Perhaps a little nudge for those baby boomers around the country looking to their golden years. Certainly a little reassurance to those like Carol Ann who have already made the move. "I am so delighted somebody acknowledges what we did."

Punta Gorda coming in 8th. The top spot went to Dunnellon, Florida.