Vehicle stolen with 5-year-old inside

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MANATEE COUNTY--The suspect who allegedly stole a car finds himself in trouble that goes beyond the theft, because a child was inside the vehicle when the crime took place.

Manatee County Deputies say just before midnight on Saturday, a woman leaving a party at a home on 8th Street East put her 5-year-old child into her car, and walked away for a few minutes to retrieve something. When she returned, her car – and her child – were gone.

Authorities issued a BOLO alert with a description of the vehicle, the child and the limited information they had on the suspect. Two hours later, citizens flagged down deputies surveying the area, and provided them with the suspect's location.

Deputies detained the alleged suspect, 29-year-old Roberto Guerrero, and found the vehicle with the child inside and unharmed. Guerrero was arrested and faces charges of kidnapping and motor vehicle theft.