USF Manatee-Sarasota graduates have positive outlook about finding jobs

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MANATEE COUNTY, FLA. - Smiles covering the faces of college graduates are expected on graduation day and it was no different for the USF Sarasota-Manatee class of 2013.

“I am really excited to be here after five years of working,” said Shawn Bruso.

But the smiles go beyond the excitement of finally graduating college. The college graduates who talked with ABC 7 on Sunday all had positive attitudes about finding jobs and joining the workforce.

“Every year it is getting a little bit better for them. We went through some tough times. But one advantage that many of our graduates have is they already have job,” said the Regional Chancellor of USF Sarasota-Manatee, Arthur Guilford.

Jeremiah Belton is one of those students with a job. He is a non-traditional student and has worked in banking for eight years.

“As I progressed through my career it has been evident that I needed a degree. So school has been put back into the focus and it has proved to be very valuable for me.”

Belton tells ABC7 several of his classmates without jobs are considering a move to secure their first job.

“A couple of folks I am graduating with have looked at jobs in Texas and Denver, Colorado where the market is kind of shifting and opportunities are plentiful.”

Shawn Bruso graduated with a degree in Criminology but no job prospects yet.

“I’m not too worried, I am pretty confident that I will find something. USF is a pretty good accredited school so I think I will do alright.”

The fall Education majors are excited about their job prospects as new teachers.

April Swierkosz..

“They are not going to be looking for teachers to take on new roles in a classroom until spring so we will be all set up,” explained April Swierkosz. “We’ll have our certifications already in place and ready to go.”

One thing is certain for these graduates, having a positive attitude will help them pass any obstacles they may find on their road to success.

According to USF president, USF is tied among Florida Universities for having the highest number of graduates who are either employed or headed on to graduate school.