Updated: Council approves Benderson Park for 2017 World Rowing Championships

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SARASOTA-- The FISA Rowing Council in Switzerland has recommended that Nathan Benderson park in Sarasota host the 2017 World Rowing Championships.

"This is great news for Sarasota and Manatee County. This recognizes that part of our international brand as a community is the fact that we have a world class rowing facility," said Sarasota County Administrator Randall Reid.

The recommendation now heads to the FISA Rowing Congress on September 2nd. Only once in its history has the congress voted against the decision made by the council.

"I feel quite confident that they feel we can deliver a great World Rowing Championship," said Paul Blackketter with Nathan Benderson Park.

Locals are extremely excited as well. We caught up with shoppers who were across the street from Benderson Park near the Best Buy.

"I think it's exciting and it's awesome for our area. It's coming at the right time and will bring in lots of people," said Nancy Frederick of Lakewood Ranch.

"I think it will be exciting. I have two boys. We will attend if that happens here. I think it will be good for the economy and Sarasota," said Cheryl Kindred of Sarasota.

Local government officials say the championships will generate $24 million for the area. Some 3000 athletes are expected to participate.

"Rowing, like soccer is an international sport and is heavy in the European and Asian areas. This is not only an opportunity to capture the media focus worldwide, but help the sport of rowing in the United States," said Reid.

The only other World Rowing Championship to take place in the United States was in Indianapolis in 1994.