Update: Woman runs over and kills husband in Venice

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VENICE, Fla. - An innocent mistake, or something more? That's what the Florida Highway Patrol says it's trying to determine after a Venice woman runs over and kills her husband in their driveway.

69-year old Gary Lamson was run over by his 71-year old wife Joan Tuesday morning. It happened in the Pelican Point gated community just after 10 am.

The Florida Highway Patrol is remaining tight lipped about the circumstances surrounding the death. However, they are officially working it as a homicide.

Inside the gated golfing community it was a gruesome scene. How exactly Mr. Lamson was run over in his own driveway by his own car driven by his own wife is something investigators want to make sure of.

"For the integrity of the investigation we do not want to jump to any conclusions," says Lt. Greg Bueno with FHP.

Early indications are that Mr. Lamson attempted to stop his wife who was behind the wheel of their 2010 Lexus sedan. She didn't stop, striking the man and then driving over and pinning him underneath the tire. He was taken to Venice hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"We want to interview anybody who has any knowledge of the incident. We want to try and determine what was occurring before the incident, during, and after the incident."

The Lamsons moved to the Venice home within the past two years. Mr. Lamson was the former president of a non profit human services organization for mental health and addiction in the Massachusetts area.

The fact the case is being called a homicide investigation by FHP doesn't mean they necessarily think something sinister is involved. Bueno says they look into all cases involving a death this way. "Any time someone loses their life on a roadway, we conduct a traffic homicide investigation. We are out there to conduct an investigation because someone lost their life and that is precious."

Investigators say it could be up to 10 days before they file their initial crash report.