UPDATE: Gator stuck in Sarasota drain safe in a lake

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UPDATE (5pm Friday) -- An alligator believed to be the same 9-foot gator that crawled into a storm drain has been spotted in the lake nearest to the drain.  The drain system the gator was in leads to this lake.  We are still waiting for confirmation that it's the same reptile.


SARASOTA, Fla. - The alligator hiding in a storm drain in the Meadows has been granted another day before the community management contacts a trapper to get the gator out.

Management at the community tells ABC 7 that they want to find a trapper who will not kill the reptile.

The gator has apparently moved from the spot he's been in the past couple days, but workers do not know where exactly he is -- just that he's still under there somewhere.

Gator head sticking out of drain

ABC 7’s camera was rolling both yesterday and early today when crews took off the manhole cover, causing the gator to retreat back into the drainage pipe.

We are told that if the gator just makes its way forward through the next pipe, he will find his way to back to water.

We'll continue to closely monitor this situation, and bring you updates as they become available.

Gator in storm drain in The Meadows