Unlocking the mysteries of the mind through the arts

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Prospect House, at the Mental Health Community Center in Sarasota, uses art and music to help clients heal.

Recent research shows actual changes in the brain when that person is creating art or music.

And clients  in art classes at Prospect House say their art classes are helping them cope with every day life, and to deal with the demons that sometimes haunt them.

Mark Johnson is an accomplished poet. He is able through his poetry to express what it's like to deal with schizophrenia, and he says when he is engulfed in the haze of his illness, it helps him make his way back to reality and focus his mind on his everyday life.

Carlos Goebels, a volunteer art instructor at Prospect House, who suffers from mental illness himself, says for him music and art are the two things outside psychotherapy that have been the  most valuable in his healing.

 And Carolyn Eagan, Executive Director, says research shows art is really affecting the brain chemistry and helping clients cope with their illness so they are able once more to go back into the mainstream and live happy and productive lives.