Two big birthdays celebrated in Sarasota

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SARASOTA-- There were a couple of birthday milestones celebrated in Sarasota on Friday.

Fay Watkins and Catherine Penman really know how to live. Watkins, a resident at Kobernick-Anchin, turned 108-years-old. She was born in 1905, the same year the City of Las Vegas was founded. Penman, who stays at the Pines of Sarasota, turned 106-years-old. The year she was born, UPS was incorporated.

"106 is great," said Penman.

At the Pines, staff members threw their oldest resident a party with cake and a bagpipe rendition of the Happy Birthday song. Penman says today's party ranks near another amazing moment in her life.

"I think when I became a grandmother is one of my happiest moments," said Penman.

A few miles east at Kobernick-Anchin, a party was held for Watkins as well. Watkins says vitamins and exercise have contributed to her longevity. Susan Chaluh, Fay's granddaughter, says she isn't surprised to be celebrating another big birthday.

"She goes to stretching class, she plays bridge, she talks to us on the phone, and she remembers everyone. She is living her life and enjoying herself every single day," said Chaluh.

We asked the registered nurse at Kobernick-Anchin what she thinks is the key to living long lives like Watkins and Penman.

"Exercise, diet, a sense of humor, staying intellectually stimulated, being friendly with others, and being a compassionate person," said Nurse Allen Maulsby.

Fay's boyfriend, Maurice Halpern also celebrated a big birthday on Friday. He turned 103.