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Trucks full of water, generators headed to South FL

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TALLAHASSEE, FL (WWSB) – Trucks filled with bottled water are on the way to communities in Florida impacted by Irma.

Home Depot sent 45 trucks full of supplies to those affected by Irma. More trucks are planned throughout the week and a total of about one million bottles of water are expected.

Millions of Floridians are still without power and thousands more have been displaced by flooding or storm damage.

“We will go after anyone drastically raising prices to take advantage of Floridians during this state of emergency—but another way to guard against price gouging is to increase the supply of disaster-related goods in hard hit areas. That is why I am grateful for our good businesses like Home Depot that are rushing essential supplies to Florida and keeping the price of those items stabilized,” said Attorney General Bondi.

Home Depot filled the trucks with not only water but with generators, electrical cords, and plywood, as well as a few other items.

Additionally, Home Depot will sell the water for less than three dollars a case.

To report price gouging or any scam call (866) 9NO-SCAM or file a complaint online at Callers using out-of-state cellphones can dial (850) 414-3990.