Trouble cleaning up Chalk Festival

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SARASOTA, Fla. - For the last three years the company Gorilla Kleen has sponsored the Sarasota Chalk Festival clean up process. But this years clean up was a bit different, and a bit more difficult.

Due to rain during this year's chalk festival many of the artists put an adhesive in with their chalk and paints.

The adhesive binder made it near impossible for the clean-up crew to remove the art off the street. Gorilla Kleen spent Sunday morning trying to remove the art with a new solution. They used 200 degree steaming hot water and very specific surface cleaners to get the job done.

Owner of Gorilla Kleen, John Cloud, said their company is able to take the artwork off but it does remove a few of the fines on the road surface. Cloud said it appears this method of cleaning shouldn't shorten the life of the road, but he has to be very careful since the cleanup has been an ongoing negotiation between the chalk festival and city representatives.

Cloud said he would not be surprised if in years to come adhesive binding was banned from the Sarasota Chalk Festival due all the problems it caused this year.