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TrapBags collapse at Lido Beach from Hurricane Michael

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LIDO BEACH, FL (WWSB) - Prior to Hurricane Michael, Lido Beach near the Pavilion area was lined with these huge sandbags known as the TrapBag. Sand from the TrapBags washed away and they collapsed.

"They bore the brunt of the heavy wave action, we did lose the bags but it saved the dunes and that's what was important to us was to save the dunes," Todd Kerkering, Manager of Sarasota Emergency Operations.

This raised questions of whether the TrapBags were installed properly by crews from the city of Sarasota, because there were no covers on top of them and typically it should be covered.  Buzz Waid, the creator of TrapBag says having the cover on would've helped, but he tells us the city of Sarasota still did a good job.

"It failed because the waves just overcame it, it was more than it was in that particular application designed to do," said Waid.  "But then when it did collapse it still stopped it from eroding and they lost only a foot or so instead of losing ten or twenty feet that they would've lost."

TrapBags placed on dry land protecting the Lido Beach Pavilion and Pool area were not impacted and are still in place.  The city of Sarasota says the main reason this happened to these huge sandbags was because of the power of the storm.

"It was just all night long the heavy surf conditions and everything else, even at low tide the wave action was still hitting the bags," said Kerkering.

City officials say most of the TrapBags that collapsed have been recovered by crews.  They plan to replace them in the same area as soon as possible.

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