Traffic on bridges not sitting well with Palmetto Mayor

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PALMETTO, Fla. - "Havoc." That's how Palmetto Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant describes the traffic issues on the Green Bridge and DeSoto Bridge, which both connect Palmetto to Bradenton.

"Every year it gets worse and worse. People are complaining to us so much about it," said Bryant.

"It's pretty bad," said Jon Davis.

"It increases twofold when the northerners are down here," said Brian Williams.

This week, Bryant contacted the Florida Department of Transportation to look into the issues.

"Something needs to be done and done fairly quickly," says Bryant.

The sooner the better. According to Bryant, first responders are also having a difficult time dealing with the traffic.

"In an emergency situation, if you are in an ambulance and there is a crisis and this traffic, you would not want you or a loved one in that ambulance," said Bryant.

Construction on the Fort Hamer Bridge is expected to begin this summer, but according to Palmetto residents, it won't help them. The bridge will be located east of I-75 in Manatee County.

"You can build all the bridges out east, but it's not going to eliminate traffic in Downtown Bradenton and Palmetto," said Patrick Bryant.

FDOT should have its study and recommendations out sometime within the month.