Tracking Katharine the great white shark off the Florida coast

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SARASOTA, FL- In recent months Great White Sharks have been tracked by researchers in the Gulf of Mexico.

Last year researchers from Ocearch caught and tagged a number of Great Whites off the coast of Cape Cod.  Since then they have been tracking the sharks by satellite from a tiny device put on the shark's fin.

Recently, one of those tagged sharks, Betsy was detected off the Suncoast near Boca Grande.  Now researchers say another shark, Katharine, has recently been detected off of Key Largo.  On Monday, The most recent "ping" came through the satellite placing Katharine near Miami, then Key Largo.

Katherine is a 14 foot Great White.  Researchers say this type of research allows them to follow her swimming patterns and feeding habits.

You can track Katharine and all of the tagged sharks, by going to and click on the shark tracking link.