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500 tons of sandbags placed at the Lido Beach Pavilion and Pool

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LIDO BEACH, FL (WWSB) - 500 tons of sand placed in 4-foot high sandbags is what is now protecting the Lido Beach Pavilion and Pool from being swallowed up by the Gulf of Mexico and the severe erosion.  Frank Becer, a Lido Beach visitor from New York, came across these massive sandbags while swimming at the Lido pool Thursday afternoon.

"I think it's a temporary solution for now, it's not a permanent solution," said Becer.  "It does look a little bit sore to the eye, but hey if it works let it be."

The erosion that has plagued Lido Beach has forced city officials to declare a state of emergency.  These sandbags will remain in place until the end of hurricane season.  That's when the city plans to move ahead with their beach renourishment project for Lido Beach.  William Smith visits the Lido Pavilion at least 5 times a week.  He says it would have been better to put this sand on the beach and also focus on building more jetty's to keep the sand from washing away.

"That's ridiculous what they did, I don't know why they put them up there," said Smith.  "I mean they think it's going to be eroding this place, that's ridiculous."

Crews are expected to finish up with the sandbags around the pool area this week.  Another 500 tons of sandbags will be placed near the dunes.  That's expected to happen as early as next week.  The total cost of this sandbag project is around $30,000.

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