Today's Poll: Punish the school bus driver?

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ABC 7's Bobeth Yates reported yesterday on the story of a botched school bus pick-up in Manatee County that left several kids -- including a 6 and a 9 year old -- stranded at their bus stop for hours with no adult supervision. The county says the driver followed safety regulations and no disciplinary action will be taken.

The readers of the ABC 7 Facebook page have not been quite as forgiving. Here's a sampling of comments (you can read plenty more here):

Nicole Miller "The bus driver should be fired or he should have atleast waited until the other bus arrives before leaving the kids alone!!"

Brian McGreevy "This does not surprisee. Our kids ride the Manatee County school buses. We have a variety of problems every year. First of all children this age should be picked up in front of their homes, not at bus stops. We drive a mile every day, sit at a busy corner to wait for buses that seldom arrive on time. There buses for each grade level arrive at different times so when you have two kids at different levels there are multiple trips. Substitute drivers don't know the routes and depend on directions from the kids. I could go on and on. Point is Manatee school bus system is a mess."

Marsha Guendling Cabaj "Wow yes things do happen but the other bus should have stayed until another bus arrived its against school policy here to drop children k-2 off without a parent tompick up so why shiuld that have been any different with leavi g younger children without their parents"

Amy Walter "These stories always make me grateful I'm able to drive my son to and from school everyday"

Melissa Parisi "I love the 70year old drivers that drove my kids last year but i must say yesterday in srq there was a girl so confused where she lives and got off the wrong stop. Bus driver made her get back on to take her safely back to school. Great driver and this third grader got home safe. Ppl on the road definitely were mad im sure as the driver sat there for 15mins holding up traffic."

Peter Arpke "Some of you want to make excuses like only human.....well sorry but when you have other peoples kids in your care the excuses dont fly.....common sense should keep those mistakes from happening....and training should certainly take over if common sense fails."

Jane Hicks "this is so crazy they say sorry but what if something serious had happened to one of those children then what would they be saying glad all the kids are safe"

So what do you think? Should the bus driver face some kind of punishment? Vote in the poll on this page, and tune in to ABC 7's news broadcasts at 5 & 6 p.m., as results may be used on the air.