Three dozen dogs rescued from Manatee Co. hoarding situation

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MANATEE COUNTY-- Three dozen small dogs have been rescued from a Manatee County hoarding situation.

The animals were discovered in a Manatee County home late Wednesday afternoon according to volunteers with Honor Animal Rescue. Very little is known about the owner of the home and whether that individual will be charged with a crime.

"There were some delivery men delivering some chairs. When they went inside, they saw the condition the animals were living in. They were so appalled that they called Animal Services to come check out the situation," said Karen Slomba with Honor.

The dogs are all small breeds, including maltese, poodles and terriers. All of them are being cared for by various animal rescue organizations in the area. Honor took in eleven of the dogs.

"They didnt live in cages, but in squalor," said Slomba. It's devastating and breaks our hearts."

All of the pooches have ear mites and came in with matted fur. Some are blind, and one only has three legs. The dogs are being treated by veterinarians and are being given baths and grooming.

In just a few days, the dogs should be ready for foster homes and then adoption.

To find out how you can get involved, contact Honor Animal Rescue at: (941) 747-4900