The power of surveillance cameras

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SARASOTA- More and more people are purchasing surveillance cameras these days, providing them with a little peace of mind.

Over recent weeks, several crimes have been committed along the Suncoast, with the alleged crook being caught on camera. Police say they are a valuable tool, providing crucial evidence.

"There are so many cameras available now, that we should all assume we are being recorded," said Paul Sutton, Sarasota's acting Police Chief. "One advantage is that if the criminals know there are cameras there, that can be a deterrent."

Sutton says cameras are just as effective as alarm systems.

Greg Schroeder with Break Free Technologies says his business is doing very well. He installs surveillance cameras around the area.

"As the economy is recovering, the market is recovering. People are trying to protect the things they have," Schroeder said.

Schroeder says if you are interested in purchasing a good surveillance camera system, the average price is around $2000.