The Accidental Housewife: Simple energy-saving tips

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With days now shorter our energy bills are likely get bigger.  So today I’m going to share some simple ways to save you energy which will save you money too!

First up: some no-brainers.

Raise thermostat as little as 2 degrees

Lower your water heater (140 degrees or higher is a no no!)

Unplug unused appliances like your coffee maker, toaster oven, can opener


Few facts:

45% of our water usage is in our bathrooms, and approximately 27% of that usage is from the family throne.

The average person flushes 3-6 times a day, so please try the following:


Place a 1-2 liter plastic water bottle filled with some gravel or sand in the tank (be sure it's not near any working parts and check to see what size fits best first !) which will fool your tank to thinking it needs less water! You'll save about half a gallon per use which will add up quickly since each flush uses 3-7 gallons and the average person as noted above flushes 3-6 times a day unless they're a camel so that's mucho savings!!


TAKE A BUCK: to see if you're losing energy from your fridge, simply take a dollar or a piece of paper and place it so that it catches between the closed fridge door. If the buck gets stuck good news: no energy is escaping and your fridge isn't overworking which will cause your energy bills to rise. Mold and moisture are also a sign that energy may be escaping and the cause is usually your rubber gaskets. Be sure to check that there are no cracks which come from dryness. To help avoid this simply take a little vaseline and apply a thin coat to keep them lubricated! This can add up to as much as 25% total savings on your annual energy bill! That's a lot of bucks so hope your dollar bill gets stuck :)