The Accidental Housewife: Repurposing holiday leftovers

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Hard to believe the holidays have come and gone, and one of the key resolutions for many of us is to get more organized. (That, and lose weight!) So I thought it be a good time to help ease us into both by using some of our holiday leftovers along our merry 2014 way.


In every child there’s a little Picasso or Rembrandt, and we know that they think every piece of art is a masterpiece. So use those gift wrapping tubes to ‘store them’ until they forget about them. Have them decorate the outside of the tubes with their names, dates and stickers. BTW paper towel tubes will also work and they make great grandparent gifts anytime!


A major New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, so here’s a terrific way to put those holiday shopping bags to good use: Label three of them with one of the following: DONATE, DISCARD AND DROP-FIVE (OR TEN  ) and place them in your closet so you can kill two resolutions with one stone and organize on a whim!

BTW, a great charity to give your clothes to is


I knew there was a reason I love Champagne. Their corks are a wonderful multi-tasker, from using them to organize jewelry, to cleaning that set of high carbon knives you got for the holidays. They’re gentle, have a little handle and with a dash of cleanser they’re a terrific non-abrasive way to clean them.

A few other uses:

Floor savers: Slice them and attach them to the bottom of chairs and other furniture that can scratch your floor.

Mulch! Put them in your food processor and chop them up they’re a terrific moisture absorber.

Hmm…reason to start popping some more, LOL!

Happy and healthy 2014 to my Suncoast family!