The Accidental Housewife: Organizing your kitchen

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Cuttin’ the fat: Organizing your kitchen just enough

Many of us are well into our new year’s resolution to lose weight, so as I thought about it and realized that January is also National Organizing Month, I thought well here’s another way to help us cut the fat.

Particularly in our kitchens, since a stat I discovered shared that the average household uses only 20% of our kitchen related stuff 80% of the time.

So here are some simple ways to cut the clutter and get your kitchen organized.

Live the 20:80 rule

Keep reminding yourself that you only use 20% of your kitchen stuff 80% of the time. So go through all your pots, pans, small appliances, utensils, cutting boards, dishes, flatware, glasses and those miscellaneous gourmet tool ‘must haves’ still in their original packaging, along with those wedding, anniversary and housewarming gifts.

  • If it’s broke don’t fix it
  • Let go without guilt
  • Be charitable
  • Save and re-gift!

Stash ‘n organize with stuff you can’t part with:

Wine buckets and pitchers: Store wooden spoons and other cooking utensils

Mugs: Separate and put your everyday flatware in them for easy access, or use them to collect spare change so you can go out to dinner instead of using the kitchen

Old wok: Put it on your counter for dish towels and pot holders

Location, location! Make sure things are visible:

What you don’t see you’ll probably forget about and become part of that unused 80%, so keep things within view and easy access

Pots: hanging hardware is easy to install and pots can make a great decorative look not to mention easy access

Knives: keep them in a block; plus it will save you from accidentally slicing your finger when you reach for one in your drawer and are distracted by talking on your phone or screaming to your kiddies to do their homework!

Spices: use a lazy susan or pre-stocked standing unit

Sugar, flour, cereal: use stackable glass, plastic or tupperware containers and label them to avoid confusion

**Dry foods mealy bug tip: put them directly into containers and place a match-book on top. The sulfur repels them!