The Accidental Housewife: 7 new uses for old newspapers

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Even in this techno-driven age where we read books on our tablets vs. the old fashion touchy feely way, when it comes to our Sunday newspaper, most of us still prefer the real thing -- even if it leaves us with some ink on our hands.

But beyond our kinship with ‘ye ole real newspaper’, they are a terrific household multi-tasker! So before you send them stacked and ready for the recycling plant, I’m here to share with you some unexpected EXTRA EXTRA uses that will also save you money!


SHINE FAUCETS/POLISH CHROME: Newspaper ink is a terrific polishing agent; just crumble and shine! No water or cleaning liquid required.

CLEAN MIRRORS AND WINDOWS: Unlike some paper towels , Newspaper are lint free, so you’ll wipe a bit less since there’ll be no specks left.

COLLECT DUST: Crumpling not required. Wet the edge of a sheet lightly, press and sweep dirt onto it.



  • Crumple up a sheet and place in wet or sweaty sneakers overnight
  • Place several sheets on the bottom of garbage can to absorb leaks and odors. (Hmmm this last fact has always made me wonder if that’s why so many of us choose to read the morning paper in our bathroom?)
  • Crumple a sheet and place in a stinky lunchbox or thermos, seal tightly and let sit overnight.
  • Line cheese and veggie drawer.


GIFT WRAPPER: Wrap kid’s gifts with comic pages; men’s gifts with sports pages or get creative and use any theme/section that fits the person and/or occasion!

TOMATO RIPENER: Take a sheet and wrap an unripe tomato in it. Leave to ripen at room temperature. Goal is to capture tomato’s natural ripening gas, ethylene.