The Accidental Housewife: Mani-friendly turkey day serving tips

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Omg! Turkey day is just a week away, and it’s one of my favorite holidays. But I used to find myself spending more time cleaning up than I did enjoying the feast, family and friends.

No longer! Here are some prep and serving tips to help carve out some of the hassle, plus a Hanukah treat your kiddies will be thankful for this Hanugivingkah!

Ditch some dishes:

Tom turkey:

Place your turkey in an oven cooking bag in tin foil pan and you won’t be spending hours soaking ‘n scrubbing post holiday feast. (Also cuts cooking time since your turkey stays moist and doesn’t require basting, turnin’ or nuttin’. Plus drippings are right in the bag to make your gravy.)

Put/shake a tablespoon of flour inside the bag before you begin cooking to prevent tommy t from sticking to bag.

Savory soups ‘n sides:

Carve out bread, acorn squashes and/or pumpkins to serve things like dips, cranberry sauce etc. Large pumpkins can be used to serve soup and small ones for individual portions. When done simple toss. No dishes. Very mani-friendly!

Apps ‘n snacks:

Place coffee filters inside bowls and fill with nuts, trail mix, chips or as a discard for tail shells from shrimp (which btw if you’re serving I’ll be coming over!!)

Use mini-cupcake liners for single serve apps ‘n snacks ‘n Hanukah treats


Yummy spin on ye ole dreidel (makes 6)


  • 6 large marshmallows
  • Peanut butter or nutella
  • 6 chocolate kisses
  • 6 thin pretzel sticks
  • Food crayons

How to make yum:

Gently ‘stick’ a pretzel stick into one of the flat ends of the marshmallow

Put a little bit of peanut butter or nutella on the other flat end of the marshmallow (it acts as the glue!) And attach an unwrapped kiss on top.

Use the food coloring pencils to write on the body of the marshmallow one of the four letters found on a dreidel:

Dreidel symbols

• The letters stand for the hanukah phrase “a great miracle happened there’ which was the burning of the candles for 8 nights vs. One as they only had enough oil for one night!

Serve in mini cup-cake liners

Happy Hanugivingkah all!