The Accidental Housewife: Holiday fashion fixes

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'Tis the season to get all dolled up, party ‘til we drop, and deal with those annoying little fashion 911s that always happen at the wrong time. But fear not, I'm going to share some easy fashionista fixes that will cost you virtually nothing using items you probably have around your home that will get your party mood back pronto!

Deodorant marks on your ‘lil black dress?

Use the foam rubber from your dry cleaning hanger or baby wipes to rub them out

Pills on a sweater?

Take a nailbrush or pumice stone and rub in one direction

Static cling? Fly-away hair?

Reach for and rub clothing or hair with a fabric dryer sheet

Loose button?

Apply a coat of clear nail polish on top of button’s threads…applying a fresh coat to you mani is optional!

Tangled chain jewelry?

Lubricate with few drops of baby oil and work tangle through with a safety pin. May take a few attempts. Wash oil off thoroughly with water when done.

Lost earring back?

Snip pencil eraser into small discs and use them in place of your lost back and you’re good to go!