The Accidental Housewife: Carve out the hassle of Thanksgiving stains

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful day filled with family, football, food...and stains that remain after the feast is finished. Here are some simple ways to deal with the most common stains that bind us coast to coast and slob to slob.

First, a few reminders when dealing with any stain:

• Treat pronto

• Read the care label

• Pretest an inconspicuous area first

• Blot never rub

• Do not put in dryer until stain is completely out- heat will set the stain

Berry Berry Bad:

Everyone loves to glob on cranberry sauce but as they do it often leaves drips on your tablecloth or clothing. Simply reach for your aerosol hairspray to deal with the mess!

• If any remains, remove with a butter knife

• Douse with aerosol hairspray (the alcohol is an effective cleanser)

• Blot with clean cloth or paper towels

• Launder par usual

Gravy No Love boat

Turkey without gravy is like a peanut butter sandwich without jelly and the more the better! Other then Scotch-guarding your tablecloth and clothing which you might also consider here is a simple way to combat the stain before it sets:

• Scrape as much as can off

• Cover with baby powder which will absorb the oils in the gravy

• Leave on for about 15-20 minutes

• Launder with an enzyme detergent

Seeing Red…Wine!

That Pinot Noir was the perfect choice with Turkey but accidents happen and someone spilled some on their blouse or table no problem! Help is only a glass of white wine away! Please note: always test an inconspicuous area first to be sure it doesn’t cause the color to change and blot never rub!!

• Blot any excess, then cover with Kosher salt (it’s coarse and works better) to help lift the stain.

• Leave it on for a few minutes before wiping off.

• Pour either white wine, white vinegar, or baking soda on the stain and let sit for a few minutes. You can actually use the white wine or vinegar first, and then sprinkle baking soda on it to remove any odor. Hydrogen Peroxide will also work but only on whites as it is a natural bleach.

• Launder par usual And next time only drink or serve clear libations 

Shards from the Chardonnay: Broken Glass

Accidents happen including dropping a glass which can leave small chards that are hard to pick up with your dust pan or hand held vac and you don’t want to ‘accidentally’ cut yourself by using your hands. Here are two ways to help insure you don’t miss those slivers:

1. FRESH BREAD: Take a fresh piece of bread and press the bread down on area glass broke. Lift and repeat.

2. PLAYDOUGH: Use your child’s playdough! Flatten and push down where you see the slivers and the Play Dough will lift them up!

Ring Around (and on) the Table! Watermarks

Got leftover watermarks on your wooden table? Well as you’re making turkey salad take a dollop of mayonnaise to get rid of them!

• Apply a generous amount directly onto the mark

• Rub it in with a paper towel, and leave overnight.

• Wipe and buff with a clean microfiber cloth.

BTW: If you have any ashes, add them to the mayo watermark recipe. The ashes act as a mild abrasive to help remove the mark. Whodathunk!!! You can also use Mayo to shine your hubcaps and condition your hair –

Wax On…Wax Off

Candle drips can be a real PIA when they get all over your tablecloth. Here’s a simple way to make them melt away:

• Take your iron and put on warm setting

• Put a paper towel or thin clean cloth on top of hardened wax

• Place the iron on top of the towel or cloth. DO NOT MOVE IT AROUND unless you wish to spread the wax! Hold on there for 5-10 seconds

• Remove the iron and the cloth or paper. Repeat until all the wax is gone and consider using non-drip candles next time


• Use a blow dryer with nozzle on and set on high. Direct into candle holder base and hold for 20-13 seconds until residue wax melts.

• Use a Q-Tip to scoop up melted residue

• PREVENTATIVE TIP: spray the candle holder with cooking spray before you put candles.