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Teacher who goes homeless for a cause gives encouraging reviews of Sarasota

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SARASOTA FL-- It's been 5 days since Thomas Rebman arrived in Sarasota.  He's the teacher that took a year off work and has been living on the streets to shed light on the homeless problem in the state. And, after a week on the Suncoast, Rebman says he has a completely different perceptive on the homeless problem in the area.

"They've been getting a bad rap and I'm glad that I can come here and tell the truth," said Rebman.

Rebman, added he came to Sarasota because it was ranked the meanest city in the country for homeless people but instead he found a community and city officials who were open to suggestions and he says those official even sat down with him.

"I meet with the mayor the city manager the chief of police...and they're all really working hard," Rebman said.

But the openness of city officials is just a small fraction of what Rebman noticed.

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