Tax Filing Season Start Date Pushed Back to Jan. 30

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SARASOTA - Ready to start filing tax returns?

You're going to have to wait a few extra days before you can do so as a result of late tax law changes put into place January 2nd. 

"Those changes are causing a delay in the IRS's ability to process tax returns," said Beth Ebersole, a CPA at Kerkering Barberio Certified Public Accountants. 

Ebersole said the IRS first needs to update forms and complete programming and testing of it's processing systems.

"They went back and retroactively changed some deductions that had expired for 2012," Ebersole said.  "And so the IRS and all the tax programming people are scrambling to make those changes."

The biggest amount of tax filers more than 120 billion households should be able to start filing tax returns January 30 and the IRS estimates the rest in late February or March.

"People who are self employed or have rental property because the depreciation form isn't going to be ready according to the IRS so that could cause even further delays for some people," Ebersole said.

While some of those taxpayers might be frustrated with the delay in getting everything in and awaiting a possible refund, others said it's really not that big a deal.

"I don't file my taxes until almost April 15 anyway by the time I get all my documents together and all the paperwork from my funds, my mutual funds and my investments," said taxpayer Susan Cohen.  "It really will have no impact whatsoever."

"To me it doesn't matter when you pay as long as you pay," said Frank Brenner.  "I don't see there's any point to it."

The original file start date was January 22.