Suncoast to honor murdered Navy SEAL

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It will take a football stadium to accommodate the memorial service for murdered Army Sniper Chris Kyle.

It will happen at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas tomorrow, but people here on the Suncoast also will honor Kyle's memory.

Authorities say Kyle and another man were shot to death at a Texas shooting range, allegedly by a former serviceman whom they were trying help recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

The memorial is set for tomorrow and thousands are expected to attend, but there are others choosing to honor Kyle's memory right here on the Suncoast.

Sarasota Sculptor Greg Marra spent the past week crafting this life-sized sculpture of Kyle meant to honor his memory as the most skilled U.S. Sniper in our nation's history.

Marra says sculpting such a piece is an emotional task. He had hoped to have the sculpture on display at tomorrow's memorial service in Dallas, however it won't appear there due to the emotions Kyle’s family is experiencing.

Marra says his work isn't just meant to honor Kyle, but all of the service members who make sacrifices for our country.

Marra says once it's finished he would like to send the statue to Kyle’s family, however he would also like to see it placed outside of cowboys stadium or at another memorial site.