Suncoast shoppers get in last minute Thanksgiving meal shopping

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From pies to turkey, we went all over the Suncoast today to find out which places people say offer the best of the best for their Thanksgiving meal.

"It's been very, very crowded. I’ve been running errands all morning and everybody's got a line,” says Cyndi Wigg, a customer of Geiers Sausage Kitchen.

It's the day before Thanksgiving and people on the Suncoast are picking up their last minute turkeys and pies, which means packed parking lots and long lines; like Yoder's Amish Village, a must stop for great pies. They are so great that earlier this morning lines were up to an hour long, but folks say it is well worth the wait.

"The pies are fantastic,” says Robert Roland, a Yoder's customer.

"I don't wait until the day before except for this because I want this the freshest it can be," says Pamerla Marrero-Fromm, a Yoder's customer.

Yoder's anticipates to sell over 6,500 pies and make nearly $50,000 in sales. When it comes to turkeys, Geiers Sausage Kitchen is known for their fresh Amish turkeys that keep customers coming back every year.

"We can get organic and most don't cater to that market, and we know that it's gluten free,” says Mike Mansour, a customer of Geiers Sausage Kitchen.

Nakita Chadwick is the third generation owner of Geiers, and she says they got in over 800 pounds of turkeys and customers have been picking them up all day along with their homemade stuffing and mashed potatoes.

"We are sold out of turkeys, which this year is our first year we've completely sold out,” says Nakita Chadwick.

But Geiers is not the only place to have great turkey. The aisles of Morton's Gourmet Market were full today, and they estimate nearly 500 turkeys sold so far.

"They have the best turkey in town,” says Billue Guignard, a customer of Morton's Gourmet Market.

It is obvious that customers are willing to wait in those long lines today to get what they consider to be the best turkeys and pies on the Suncoast.