Suncoast runner part of national chocolate milk campaign

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SARASOTA, Fla. – As the debate rages over which sports supplements or drinks are best for athletes, one Sarasota runner has been selected as an ambassador for the sports drink she most believes in: chocolate milk.

Sarasota resident Krissy Murphy wasn't always as active as she is now. "Exactly four years ago I started the Couch to 5k program. It's a 6-weeek program for someone who has never done anything physical to running a 5k."

But she is active now. She had an epiphany. "30 seconds was really hard when I started, but by the time I reached the 5K, I reached my goal, which was 30 minutes or less. I ran it in 27 minutes. Ever since then I have just been hooked on running, and I have run 9 marathons."

Krissy was recently recognized nationally because chocolate milk is her sports drink of choice. "I recover from all of my runs, and all of my races, with a glass of low-fat chocolate milk. It actually is considered nature's protein drink with an excellent balance of carbs to proteins."

She had to submit a video about why she believed in chocolate milk, and upon selection to Team Chocolate Milk, she received $500 in sponsorship money, team training and race gear, free race entries, and training perks. "I just kind of showcased something about myself. Even though it's a little quirky, that is how I am. So I think it worked out well."

The ultimate goal for Murphy is the Holy Grail for runners: the Boston Marathon. “I thought it was a reasonable goal to be training towards, and right now I have 8 minutes to shave off my time."