Suncoast real estate rebounding

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SARASOTA--Home sales for the first month of 2013 were less than expected this year. However, despite that, sales were still fourteen percent higher this January as opposed to last January.

"I'm not concerned at all that the sales were a little less than last year at this time, because I see such a high level of activity, a much higher level of activity this year than I did last year," said realtor Lynn Robbins.

She says lower than expected numbers in January were most likely the result of sellers hedging their bets on the U.S. government.

"Last December, we had a record number of closings because a lot of people wanted to close before the end of the year," said Robbins, "they didn't know what our government was going to do as far as taxes this year."

And despite that uncertainty, this may just be the year to sell your home if you've been holding off.

"The market is excellent," said Robbins, "it's a great time to have your house on the market, we do have a shortage of inventory."

Another plus for sellers, Robbins also says most homes have seen a twelve to thirteen percent increase in value since the market tanked in 2008.

Numbers also show potential buyers are feeling more confident, too.

"Most of them feel we've bottomed out, and that this is a good time to buy," said Robbins, "I'm getting a lot of second or third home buyers who are paying cash."

Corporate investors are also on the move again, starting to buy multiple properties at once; something not seen as a trend since before the recession.

"There are these investment groups that are coming in, and they're snapping up a lot of properties," said Robbins.