Suncoast reacts to same-sex marriage debate

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SARASOTA - As the Supreme Court readies itself to hear another day of arguments centered on the issue of gay marriage, supporters and opponents let their voices be heard here on the Suncoast.

"Of course, we're praying that the Supreme Court, when they decide in June when the decision comes down, that they'll stand on the side of justice and equality for all people," said Reverend Charles Tigard, who led a prayer service Tuesday evening where Church of the Trinity Members gathered to support the issue of equal marriage rights.

"It's refreshing to know that we have many people who are looking at this particular issue, they want it to happen, I think it will happen," said one man in attendance.

But there are also those hoping it won't happen. The ABC7 Facebook page was buzzing all day.

Judi Armstrong Moore was among those opposed to the idea of same sex marriages, posting "No, I believe there should be same sex union. Marriage is between a man and a woman."

Larry Edgarton also opposed the idea, posting "No, marriage is a religious union, the Bible does not support gay anything."

As for just what happens following the arguments made on Tuesday and Wednesday, no one will know for sure until the Supreme Court session ends this coming June.