Suncoast reacts to budget cuts

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SARASOTA--It was official as of Friday at midnight. And now more than $80 billion in cuts are set to take affect during the next several months.

"I think they're a necessity, sometimes I even refer to them as a necessary evil," said Dennis Sutton, visiting the Suncoast from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He thinks the cuts are a good thing.

"I think we have to start somewhere, and I know it hurts people," said Sutton.

Others we spoke with say while the cuts were needed, more choice should have been given to the American people to decide just where those cuts would happen.

"It's totally frustrating," said Mike Rosario, a concerned voter, "frustrating more so because so many people are going to get hurt by this if it continues."

Experts say overall, most Americans shouldn't feel a direct impact from the cutbacks, but will notice the effects from time to time.

For example, a summer concert featuring the Coast Guard Band in Bradenton has already been cancelled, and the Air Force Thunderbirds now won't perform this April over Tampa.

"Its another case of government trying to scare the people, [but] ultimately everything works out," said Ron Friedman, who says what's most frustrating isn't the cuts themselves, but the nation's leaders who can't seem to reach a compromised solution.

"I think it's a blend," said Freidman, "I think everyone in America thinks its a blend, the only people who don't seem to think that are those people who represent us in Washington."