Suncoast man donates huge collection of Christmas ornaments

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SARASOTA, Fla. - The season for giving is fast approaching, and one Suncoast man is giving away his greatest treasure -- his collection of a lifetime -- to benefit his church.

64-year-old Michael Nitzsche has collected Christmas ornaments and decorations since he was 3 years old. He used to have a Christmas Store in Venice where he had 10,000 ornaments hanging from the ceiling, and 64,000 glass ornaments.

His collection is so large, he couldn't store it in one place, and he's never seen the whole thing spread out in one place. But this week he's going to.

He is fighting Stage 4 cancer, and he has donated his entire collection to his church, The First Congregational United Church of Christ on S. Euclid Avenue in Sarasota.

They will sell all the items at a giant sale in their Fellowship Hall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. Prices will range from $1 to $35, except for a few, very rare items.

All money raised will go to benefit the Church and its missions.