Suncoast golfer using specialized training to reach the next level

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Fitness training used to be frowned upon in sports like baseball and golf. Now, every day the fitness regiments get more specific, and more refined for every sport.

Lindsey Bergeon is a professional golfer who graduated from Riverview High School and then was a 4-time college All-American. She was the most accurate golfer off the tee on the Futures Tour a few years back, but the one thing that has hounded her is her lack of driving distance.

"I went into this off-season knowing that my main focus was to get longer off the tee and be able to compete with the girls that are hitting it so far. When I heard about James and started working with him right away, it was a great, great match," says Lindsey.

Last year, Bergeon was on the Canadian tour, but after the season she decided to give her training over to James Whatmore, a former pro golfer who trains with sport specific exercises.

"We take you through the assessment, find out the limitations that you have. We go in there and fix those limitations so everything is moving great, and then we move to stability, then strength, then power," says Whatmore.

He runs Whatmore Performance Training and he has several golfers in his clubhouse. But with Bergeon he can really see the tangible results because her strength increase can be measured. "All her numbers went up. Her club-head speed increased and her numbers were really good."

"My improvement working with James has been through the roof. My club-head speed has increased four miles per hour, I'm a club longer on my irons, and I'm probably fifteen yards longer off the tee on average than last season," says Lindsey.

It helps that Whatmore played golf himself. Thankfully for current golfers who want to train with him, the native of England decided to make training his life, not golf.

"I'm so lucky that he's in my backyard and I can utilize his knowledge," says Lindsey.

Since her accuracy was unquestioned, Bergeon needs the added strength to reach her goal of playing on the LPGA circuit, the pinnacle of women's golf.

“Everybody thinks that lifting big weights is going to make you hit the ball farther. It's actually being more mobile," says Whatmore.

"My fitness work with James, and all of his awesome training, is going to help me get to my dream of the LPGA this year," says Lindsey.