Suncoast family proof of the power of All Children's Hospital

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SARASOTA, Fla. - We are truly blessed to have what many consider the best children's hospital in the country serving us here on the Suncoast, and Sarasota’s Sami Bass is living proof of what’s possible at All Children’s Hospital.

Sami was only 12 days old when Sarasota doctors rushed the gravely ill baby to All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Her parents were told she was dying. "So Ron and I were donating her organs," says mother Cindi Bass.

But the doctors at All Children’s wouldn't give up. "Come to find out she had an aortic blood clot…and it stopped the blood flow to her entire bottom part of her body."

All Children's partners with Johns Hopkins; together they researched Sami's illness. "And found that one other child, 12-day-old child, had been severely dehydrated and went through same thing and they documented it. And they did a procedure called TPA therapy," says Cindi.

But still there was still little hope. “99% chance it would not work…and it worked.”

She's now a typical 8-year-old who plays baseball with her dad and younger brother, and has a million interests. "Ride my bike, swim, cartwheels…cheer," says Sami.

Yes, she wants to be a cheerleader, along with horseback riding. Her mother says all this is thanks to All Children’s Hospital.

Kay Aidlin with the All Children's Hospital Guild often hears stories like Sami's from grateful parents. "We have the best children's hospital in the nation in our back yard."

Along with the hospital in St. Petersburg, All Children's has two outpatient facilities in Sarasota, and this cutting edge care is available to every child. "All Children's treats all children, whether the parents have the ability to financially pay for the care, it doesn't make any difference," says Aidlin.

That's made possible by the fundraising efforts of the All Children's Hospital Guild.

"All Children’s Hospital, to me and our family, is the most amazing place there is. They saved my daughter."

"So if you don't believe in miracles, all you have to do is meet Sami and she will prove to you, thanks to All Children’s Hospital, that miracles really do come true.

Saturday night in Sarasota, an event will be held to make sure funds are available to give sick Suncoast children the best care in the world. ABC 7's Linda Carson will be master of ceremonies at the All Children’s Hospital Miracle Ball at the Francis Restaurant in downtown Sarasota.

Sami Bass