Suncoast demonstrators call for justice in Martin kililng

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SARASOTA - Marching to chants of "no justice, no peace," demonstrators unhappy that George Zimmerman is a free man were calling for change Saturday.

"We're not happy with the decision that happened," said activist Turquoise Dillard.

They want an end to what they say ended Trayvon Martin's life.

"We're here walking and standing for anyone who has been a victim of racial profiling," said Dillard.

They also want an end to Florida's Stand Your Ground law, which Governor Rick Scott expressed his continued support for just this week.

"If people start boycotting Florida, this is a big tourism place, then I bet the Governor changes his mind," said demonstrator Davian Spires.

Others say it's the country's courts that need a change.  "Our judicial system is broken and the reason I came out here is to show support for Trayvon Martin's family," said demonstrator Paul Tuttle.

All day long, all over town, the talk was change. But some say what needs to change the most, is the talk itself.

"It's considered politically incorrect to bring up race under any circumstances, which is ridiculous,' said activist Joan Waite, "because until we talk about it and get the feelings and attitudes out in the air nothing is going to change."

Step by step, sign by sign, demonstrators say that change is coming and that their voices will keep getting louder until that change arrives.

"There is no end goal, we're always going to be fighting to accomplish something," said Dillard, "especially being African Americans there is always a goal that we need to reach, so this doesn't end here, it's just the beginning."