Suncoast couple married in Dallas the day JFK was shot

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November 23, 1963 was Carolyn and Ken Richardson's wedding day. They were scheduled to get married in a church near the scene of the shooting the evening of that tragic day.

Carolyn's dad went to the parade to wave to the President, and heard the news on the radio on his way home. The family was stunned but decided to go on with the wedding. Ken was in the Air Force and expecting to be shipped out soon.

Ken says the true scope and tragedy of the event hit him the morning after the wedding when he picked up the paper and read the news.

Ken was shipped overseas very shortly. Carolyn joined him there and not long after their daughter was born.

As they celebrate their 50th Anniversary today, they say they are just madly in love, they have had a joyful union, and although you can't change bad things that happen, you can refuse to let them ruin your life, and make something good of your own days.

Happy Anniversary Carolyn and Ken Richardson.